High Point University

Marc Randolph named Entrepreneur in Residence

By Nicholas Bainbridge


In order to fulfill High Point University’s mission of facilitating student growth and achievement, the campus ensures that those who attend the university are exposed to a myriad of different role models who have been successful in their respective fields. One of the ways in which HPU does this is by hosting people who have breathed new life into their occupation. These “Innovators in Residence” visit High Point University and interact with students in order to pass on kernels of wisdom that they have acquired through their years of experience. On October 23rd, High Point added a new member to this prestigious group. Marc Randolph, co-founder of the Netflix streaming service as well as the business analytics company known as Looker Data Science, has now been instated as an official Innovator in Residence.

Marc Randolph’s first visit to HPU was on November 2, 2015. The entrepreneur sat down with Nido Qubein and discussed how he became successful which that was later broadcasted on national television. In this talk, Randolph attributed his entrepreneurial achievements to his willingness to take chances. When asked about how much risk a business startup should take, he answered, “The problem is that people take too little risks, not that they take too much. If you think that you are taking too much you are probably taking just enough.” Marc Randolph also met with several student entrepreneurs who pitched ideas for their future business. He gave these young entrepreneurs advice on how they should proceed. Mandy Engelman was one of these students, and she continues to this day to improve the blog that she first presented to the Netflix CEO two years ago.

As an Innovator in Residence, Marc Randolph will become a role model for students. He will be able to influence the campus in countless ways. Working with the Belk Entrepreneurship Center, he will pass on the lessons that he has learned through his business career to students who are working to create their own startup companies. He, along with the other mentors at the Entrepreneurship Center, will provide indispensable support to those new to the business world, and ensure that they are prepared for the challenges that they will face while they endeavor to achieve success.

News of Marc Randolph has spread across campus. Many students are enthusiastic about the Netflix CEO joining the ranks of HPU Innovators in Residence. Upon learning of Marc Randolph’s statement, Freshman Hannibal Chakhtoura said, “I am very interested in gaining valuable insight from him and his experiences. He will probably inspire a lot of people here.” The entrepreneur has only recently stepped into the role of Innovator in Residence, but in the coming months, he will certainly have an impact on students, especially those majoring in business. The Belk Entrepreneurship Center is the best place to look for more information on Marc Randolph’s position and what role he will perform.