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The MVP of Halloween costumes

The Boston Bruins in their team costume portraying popular “Toy Story” characters. Photo by WRBL.com

By Alex Bozek

Sports Editor

Professional athletes are known for being tough, nose to the ground people. They always “stay in the zone” of the game as some might say. They ignore the critics and the press, but they cannot ignore Halloween. Some of them are a little better than the others, and they certainly have fun with it. Their teammates might joke around with them, but I have to respect their efforts. So here are the Top 5 Athlete’s Halloween Costumes of 2019:

#5 Boston Bruins

The Bruins made a story to remember in the 2018-2019 season, but they wanted to write a new one with a different ending this year. But I am not sure this is what they meant. There is nothing better than a little bit of team fun, and this costume does not disappoint. Great job boys.

#4 Lamar Jackson

People say that Lamar Jackson is a wizard on the field. From his God-given gift of speed and his massive arm, he is a special player. So of course, he had to dress as Harry Potter. It is quite fitting for Lamar, and he did a great job with it. The tie is clean and the suit is great, but I have to wonder, where is the lightning bolt scar? It is a small oversight that fans like me will pick up on, but he is forgiven so long as he beats the Patriots on Sunday.

#3 Jimmy Graham and Nate Weir

This is an iconic photo in the baseball universe. Jimmy Graham and Nate Weir worked together to
represent an iconic baseball duo. Aaron Judge, right fielder for the Yankees, is 6 feet and 7 inches, while
Jose Altuve of the Astros, is 5 feet tall and 7 inches. The accuracy of this costume is great with a lot of
detail. From high socks to the eye black, I am quite impressed. It’s a great costume and of course, go Yankees. Graham and Weir truly did a great job matching the originals.

#2 Elena Delle Donne

Here is yet another “Toy Story” costume, but instead of some bruising hockey players, this is a cute family one with WNBA star Elena Delle Donne. My favorite part about this group is the Slinky Dog on the right. Although Rex the dinosaur seems to be deflating a little bit, this group is not. Hopefully they won a costume contest with this one. Great job.

#1 Tom Brady

Although I have a deep hatred for Tom Brady, because of his masterful skills, I have to admit that this costume is pretty awesome. This “Star Wars” stormtrooper outfit is above all the rest. It does look
like one that I saw at Walmart the other day, but that is aside the point. The gun looks great and his dog is adorable. The canine raises the cute level 1000 %. He might have scared some kids away withthe mask, but he scares the defense when he is on the field, making this appropriate.