High Point University

Presidential Scholars Weekend welcomes prospective students

The Friday-night Scholarship Dinner was one of many events hosted during both weekends for the Presidential Scholars Program. Photo by Sean Marcus

By Nicole Prince

News Editor

Extraordinary students of academic excellence gathered on campus as Presidential Scholar candidates on the weekends of Feb. 7 and Feb. 21. During the Presidential Scholars Weekends, prospective students were interviewed twice by various faculty and staff, or current scholars, for the chance to become a Presidential Scholar and receive a scholarship to attend High Point University.

These scholarships are awarded at three different levels based on the students’ GPAs and average SAT and ACT scores. These levels include the Presidential Scholarship, Presidential Fellowship and Presidential Founders Scholarship.

According to HPU, the program recognizes incoming freshman who “demonstrate outstanding achievement, good citizenship, strong leadership and exceptional scholarship during high school.”

Ben Stone, an actuarial science major, English minor and current Presidential Scholar, is an HPU freshman who chose to attend the university because of its varied opportunities.

“I chose HPU because it had a good program for what I was looking to do,” said Stone. “Plus, it has great connections.”

Stone currently plays a few intramural sports and is involved with the Executive Counsel for Young Americans for Freedom, a political action group on campus.

Interior design major Lexi Miller is another HPU freshman who was proud to receive the Presidential Scholarship. She is currently a member of the Kappa Delta sorority and HPU’s Siegfried Leadership Fellows Program.

“I chose HPU because it offered my major and because of its stress-free environment,” said Miller.

Current Presidential Scholars like Stone and Miller volunteered on either weekend to assist with interviews, the Presidential Scholars Program dinner or writing notes of gratitude for everyone involved with the organizing of the events.

Both weekends hosted different events at various locations on campus, such as a Friday night Scholarship Dinner, receptions, an alumni panel, campus tours, breakfast with the deans of the university and more.

Stone shared some advice for those who are considering attending HPU and interviewing as potential Presidential Scholars. “I would encourage all applicants to do everything they can to not only get offered the scholarship but to also maximize its value,” said Stone.

“They should take their interview seriously and sit down for maybe an hour the night before and review the provided sample questions. Every interviewee should have a couple of points about themselves that they want to focus on and try to guide the conversation to those topics in their interview.”

Many HPU faculty and staff also shared messages of advice and encouragement for potential HPU students and Presidential Scholar candidates. Admissions counselor Taylor Lokey reminded students participating in either Presidential Scholars Weekend to be confident in themselves.

“Own your own unique story, and remember you are only competing against yourself,”said Lokey.“We want to know about your biggest successes, some of your challenges and about why you became the person you are today. ”

For more information about scholarship awards programs like the Presidential Scholars Program, prospective students can visit www.highpoint.edu/admissions/tuition-fees/presidential-schol- arship-program/.