High Point University

Republican voter’s point of view on election 2020

By Ally Ortolani

Opinion Editor


Simply put, the 2020 election will be remembered as a historical event in the decades to come.

And considering the fact that 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the women’s suffrage movement, you could have expected individuals, particularly women, at the polls.

As they should have been.

Current sophomore at High Point University, Meghan Lambalot, exercised her right to vote for the first time in the 2020 presidential election. Lambalot, a registered Republican from New Hampshire, shared her experience, how she feels about President Donald Trump’s administration and her thoughts on voting in general.


Q: How did you vote, and how did you feel about voting for the first time?

A: This election season, I voted by mail. I am from New Hampshire and wouldn’t have been able to vote in person, so I chose to vote by mail. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize soon enough that I was able to vote in the state of North Carolina as a college student. Although I did not vote in person, I still had that experience as a first-time voter. It felt great to exercise one of our most important rights as American citizens.


Q: How do Trump’s views align with your views?

A: As a Christian, Trump’s anti-abortion stance aligns with my personal views. As someone who is outspokenly religious, being anti-abortion and advocating for unborn children is important to me. I also agree with Trump on issues like healthcare, specifically supporting a privatized healthcare system. Implementing a public healthcare system would put us in a tremendous amount of more debt than we need to be. Additionally, I support Trump’s view on gun control, the Second Amendment, illegal immigration and the importance of building a wall to keep our borders safe.


Q: How do you feel about President-elect Joe Biden?

A: I am not in favor of a Biden presidency, mostly because his views do not align at all with mine. Let’s also not forget about Hunter, Former Vice President Biden’s scandal-plagued son. The entire family is corrupt. I could go on about that, amongst the many other critiques. Regardless, I will accept the results of the election after all the legal votes are counted.


Q: What is your biggest critique of the liberal party?

A: It truly bothers me that the liberal party preaches equality, yet they do the exact opposite. It is completely hypocritical to say they support those with differing views when clearly, they don’t. Personally, I support anyone, no matter what his or her views are. I have friends who are liberal, and it doesn’t bother me. It shouldn’t. Both parties need to accept and respect one another. My vote should not change the opinion another individual has about

  1. I have even heard of other families not speaking to each other because of their political beliefs. It is ridiculous.


Q: Would you ever vote for the opposite party?

A: Perhaps. Given that I am a new voter, I still have a lot of research to do. I hate those who only vote for a candidate simply because he or she is in the same political party. With that, I think if a political candidate aligned with my views, then maybe I would vote for someone in the opposite party. However, as a conservative, I have found that I have agreed with candidates who are in my party. But hey, I am hopeful.


Q: How do you feel about the role media plays in politics?

A: The media is completely biased on both sides. I’m talking about Fox News and CNN, specifically. Instead of sharing unbiased news, the media divides individuals, sending viewers into panic attacks. Look at how this past election affected others; it’s insane. People will really let a Facebook comment ruin their entire day. The media needs to focus on unbiased news for the sake of everyone’s mental health.


Q: Contrastingly, what is attractive to you about your political party?

A: As I have mentioned, I am anti-abortion. I believe we must do everything that we can to protect and preserve these innocent lives. I think it is also crucially important to talk about how there are close to 1 million abortions performed in a year. Why isn’t that talked about more? These are innocent lives that are being taken away. Abortion a prevalent issue, but I think that it is also important to speak on the Second Amendment and the importance of maintaining our constitutional rights. It is important that individuals have his or her God-given rights to ensure their personal dignity and liberty are protected. While there are other reasons for why I am conservative, these are just some of the most important facets of the conservative party to me.


Q: What is your opinion on the Trump administration during the past four years? 

A: I approve of Trump’s performance during the past four years. I think it is great how he is running our country. He is not a career politician like Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Biden. He isn’t just a businessman; he is a natural leader. Governing our country is like running a business, and that is exactly what Trump is doing. I think people often forget that idea or fail to see it from that perspective.


Q: How are you feeling about the next four years?

A: I think that no matter the results of the election, we should all still love and respect one another. Our political beliefs should not divide us. After all, we are the United States. It is so frustrating to look on social media and only find others constantly battling each other. It is truly mind-boggling. Instead of focusing on the labels and beliefs of one political party, we should all remember that we are all individuals of the same nation. Preach love, not hate.