High Point University

A final farewell from our senior editor: Ann Shelley

By Ann Shelley

Opinion Editor

When I walked into my first Campus Chronicle meeting, I knew this is where I belonged and needed to be for the next four years of my college career. James Ensor was the editor in chief with two of my biggest role models, Anne Davey and Elizabeth Reichart as editors for the opinion section and arts & entertainment section, respectively. I was drawn to their enthusiasm and their love for writing, something I had always done on the side but never pursued. I decided college was the perfect time to dive deeper into this passion.

During the first meeting, I remember being so nervous. I had never written for a newspaper, and I didn’t know what to expect. However, all the different sections intrigued me with news, A&E, opinion, sports and organizations. There was a lot of information being distributed. Furthermore, the classic printed newspapers around campus gave me a feeling of nostalgia. It was a great way to get involved in campus life right away; I was able to start writing articles right off the bat. Freshman year, I volunteered for a lot of different subjects just to get my head in the door. I had no intention of being an editor and really, I just loved to write for all the different sections. However, I was always drawn to opinion and the sense of connection it brings based on certain articles.

After Anne Davey graduated, the opinion editor section was open. Elizabeth Reichart, my big sister in my sorority thought I should apply for the job, and so I did. When I got it, I was so excited because this was something I was very passionate about. I wanted to expand this section and make it more personable.
I decided to write about real life issues like eating disorders, independence, social media obsessions and whatever else sparked some rant. I wanted to inform others about mental health awareness, while also giving them tips and tricks around High Point University and the Triad area. I am proud of what I left behind as my opinion section legacy.

I started out college completely unsure of what I wanted to do or who I was going to be. Freshman year began with me as an exercise science major, now I am graduating with a degree in electronic media production and a minor in graphic design. Both of these skills I was able to utilize during my time as an editor on the Campus Chronicle staff. I worked on graphics and even had some featured in the newspaper. Furthermore, I also was able to take pictures of various events and grow my portfolio. I was able to cover the spring and fall concerts through stories and photos. This really helped me learn more about the photography industry. When I was doing the layout for my section, I improved my use of graphic design and the InDesign software.

My college career has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, but the best one possible. I am thankful to have been given such a strong education. I’ve learned a lot during my time at HPU but not necessarily what I expected. I’ve learned how to speak up and use my voice when needed. I’ve learned who I wanted to be and what it takes to be independent in our lives. I’ve learned to not turn down any opportunity that sparks your interest because it could turn into some of the best moments of your college career. I had no idea what I was capable of as a freshman; however, now I can say I’ve fully grown and learned so much. However, I didn’t get to this point just on my own. I’ve learned so enough lessons from my classmates, friends, family and staff on this campus to last a lifetime.

I’m incredibly lucky to have worked for the Campus Chronicle all four years of my college career. Whether it be just as a writer or editor. I’ve made lifelong friends on this campus and connected with people on a whole different level just from our similar passions and hobbies. I’ve been a tour guide for the school, worked various High Point Furniture Markets and helped out around the community in numerous community service projects. HPU will forever be my home away from home, and I’m thrilled to leave a legacy behind during my time as opinion editor for the Campus Chronicle. There is a very big world out there beyond the pearly gates of

HPU, however, I have a lot more to accomplish. My four years here have shaped me into the individual I am today, and for that I am so grateful. I now know I can handle a lot more than I thought I could, and I am ready for the next adventure to start.