High Point University

Fall recruitment offers new opportunities for HPU

Panhellenic delegates from each sorority after a meeting. Photo submitted by: Ana Harris.

By Anna Harris

Staff Writer

Move-in at HPU means new classes, friends and a fresh start to a new school year. For many incoming freshmen and upperclassmen girls, this could also be an opportunity for them to find their special home.

From the weekend of Aug. 30 through Sept. 1, formal sorority recruitment took place on campus. Girls both already in sororities and those considering joining are ecstatic.

One of the leaders behind sorority recruitment is Chelsea Miller, a senior political science major and criminal Justice minor from Northern Virginia. She is an active member of her sorority and president of the Panhellenic Council. She and the rest of the Panhellenic Council have been working for to ensure this recruitment season goes as smoothly.

Recruitment allows girls in each sorority to interact with potential new members through three different rounds, each of which emphasizes a different aspect of each chapter. The first round, Sisterhood, allows each prospective member to gain an insight into every chapter by introducing them to new faces and allowing them to experience what the sorority is like first-hand.

The second round, Philanthropy, gives them a deeper background into each sorority’s charity work is and how they give back to the community. The final round, Preference, allows each aspiring sister to build a deeper connection with the girls in their top sororities before they can be offered a bid from one the following day.

“For recruitment, it can be challenging to not reach out to new girls as an affiliated woman,” said Miller. “However, it is essential that affiliated women allow potential new members to experience Greek life and recruitment for themselves and experience their own unique journeys. It can be an overwhelming experience for both the candidates and the Panhellenic Council. There is so much that needs to be shown to each girl to demonstrate what each house has to offer.

The Panhellenic Council is eager to support the new girls through this process, all while planning other events for Greek Life. In addition to recruitment, Panhellenic is bringing back their philanthropy week to unite women on campus through The Circle of Sisterhood.

The Circle of Sisterhood is Panhellenic’s philanthropy that is a nonprofit organization founded and powered by women on a mission to raise financial resources to help remove education barriers for girls and women facing poverty and oppression.

“To me, The Circle of Sisterhood unites women who are part of the Greek system regardless of their affiliation under one common goal,” explained Miller. “That is to fight the cycle of poverty by providing education to women and educational systems that need support the most.”

Throughout the philanthropy week, there will be speakers and events that will emphasize the importance of women empowerment. This week is to help women feel more united not only in their own sororities, but across campus as well. Although the council is bringing back this event, all of the activities taking place will be unique to this school year and organized by Vice President of Philanthropy Emmi Palenbaum.

When asked how she and the rest of the council feel about interacting with the prospective members Miller said, “We are here to support one another, and we strive to do this to the best of our ability.”

Outside of the council, students from all across campus can get involved with Pan- hellenic in a number of ways. Going through the recruitment process and participating in the philanthropy week will keep everyone updated on what is going on with every chapter, all while continuing to support everyone’s own sorority.

Through constant support and encouragement from the girls of Panhellenic, women of every chapter. Another way to be in the know on all things Greek is by following the Panhellenic Instagram, @hpupanhellenic, run by Emily Duever, the vice president of recruitment and marketing.