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Fantasy football leaders week 4

By Alex Bozek

Sports Editor

Fantasy football season is upon us folks and it is possible that your team has started out 0-3, prompting mockery amongst your friends. There are some secret weapons that may be able to salvage your season.

If you are like me, and your once confidently chosen defense has turned to swiss cheese or your quarterback has been injured, you are not alone.

Quarterbacks are dropping like flies this year; Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Sam Darnold and Ben Roethlisberger are notably out with injuries. But their backups are good. Here are projected week 4 fantasy points for the backups:

Mason Randolph (PIT): 17.1 pts. Kyle Allen (CAR): 16 pts.

Teddy Bridgewater (NO): 15.4 pts.

The Jets have a bye week in week 4, but if you are looking for Luke Falk to be your new QB, you are not that desperate, trust me. Also Daniel Jones, the new Giants starter, is projected with 18.2 points as they host Washington.

Defensively, any team going against Miami has the opportunity of hitting big. They have a 91% rostered percentage, but look on the waiver wire for a chance to pick them up with a projected 10.6 points. Also, one should consider the Seahawks defense.

They play the struggling Arizona offense that averages 84 rushing yards a game. The Seahawks defense is only 35% rostered and has a projected 6.8 points. Believe me, every point counts. I may or may not have lost by a “slim” margin in week.

If your league is full of your buddies and you have a harsh punishment for finishing last, do all the research you can. Yes, be the one who goes on ESPN and watches Matthew Berry go on and on about each player and whether or not you should start them.

But in the end, you do not want to be the one who has to get a tattoo or have to take the SAT again and probably fail like in high school. Best of luck to everyone and I hope I do not see you come in last come on week 17.