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The benefits of implementing a minimalist lifestyle

By Anya Falk

Staff Writer

The average American household has 300,000 items, but how many of those do we actually use? It is probably less than you may think. While we may feel like we need an item in a moment; chances are that most of them end up being shoved into a storage room and forgotten about. Even if someday we do end up needing to use one of those stowed away items, we may not be able to find them.

That is why we spend about 153 days of our lives searching for misplaced items. The problem with this is that we have so much stuff that we do not want, that we end up not having time for the stuff that we do want. There is a solution to this, and it is called minimalism.

It simply means that you keep life simple by only letting things into your life that add value to it. There are lots of benefits to this lifestyle, and if you are curious about how it could help you, then keep reading.

Make time for what matters

Getting rid of the unnecessary things in your life gives you time and space to focus on the essentials. Think about it. If you know where all of your stuff belongs, you will not have to spend so much time looking for it. While that may seem like a miniscule improvement, it will make a big difference. Your things will not control your life, so you will be able to more freely choose how it is that you want to spend your time and energy. Not only that, but you will not have to spend as much time cleaning you space and listing items to sell online. Because you will not have the extra stuff cluttering up your space. With the new time that you have, you can focus on spending time with those around you, cooking, exercising and going outside. The possibilities are endless.

Clear space, clear mind

Our spaces are an outer reflection of our inner state. So get rid of the clutter and confusion on the outside, and you can start to work on the clutter and confusion on the inside. If you live in a space that gives you joy, energy and clarity, then you will begin to feel those same things within you. Surround yourself with things that bring you value and give you joy, and get rid of everything else. Doing so will lift the fog around you and help to ground you in the truest version of yourself.

You can save money

If you buy less stuff, you save money. It just makes sense. Getting rid of all the excess expenses frees up the money that you would have spent on all of those unneeded items. So instead of buying things that will end up cluttering your space, save the money for more important things. Take time to think before you make a purchase and you will end up realizing that a lot of the things you really wanted a few days ago do not seem so important now. You can let go of the stress that comes with living beyond your means. So not only is it good for your wallet, but your mind as well.

It’s better for the environment

Our over-consumption of goods is harming the environment. We consume more than we need and simply throw away the stuff that no longer serves us. Buying less can help. By only buying what is important, we are limiting our consumption of products that may later end up in the landfill. We may not always realize this, but every purchase we make has global consequences. It affects more than just us. If we get into the habit of realizing this, then the way we look at buying changes. This will make us more likely to make smarter purchases. We have the power to make a difference, we just have to realize it first. For more information visit www.theminimalists.com.